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You have worked hard to create your products or services. Let us help you to drive in new business.

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Connect with customers to drive profitable revenue & generate high quality leads.

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Loyal Customers represent no more than 20% of your customer base and make up more than 50% of sales.

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277 Million Americans Carry a Mobile Phone –

Big Business is Cashing in, So Can You

Mobile Marketings Levels the Playing Field

So YOU Can Beat the Big Boys at their Own Game Today!


Starbucks, Gap, New York Times, Pizza Hut, Target, Coca-Cola, Taco Bell...

mobile-marketing-35These big companies use mobile text advertising to reach their audiences. And the list gets longer every day.

Why is mobile advertising popular?

  • Text Messages have a 97% read rate

  • Mobile coupons generate redemption rates of 15-30%

  • Ability to personally connect & deliver time-sensitive messages to consumers


Mobile Advertising - Affordable Option for Small Business

Mobile advertising is now affordable for small and mid-sized businesses. Plus, it offers something direct mail and regular e-mail can’t: Traffic.

Only On The Go VIP puts your ad in front of a highly targeted audience ready to react... at a cost far less than you’d spend on traditional advertising such as direct mail.

Our 2-in-1 Mobile Delivery System enables ANY business to distribute promotional messages to their Customers -- Instantly and via Automatic Updates.

Plus, with our service, you NEVER get charged when people access your coupons.

Mobile Messaging Generates Traffic and Sales

Our mobile marketing solution gives you:

  • Increased Relevance—Unlike unclipped coupons or never-opened e-mails, cell phone users WANT to hear from you. Our opt-in process ensures that your promotion is only placed in front of an interested audience. And is never considered SPAM.

  • Quicker Reward—Compared to direct mail, our platform has options that put timely, targeted offers in front of consumers—via their cell phones. That means your message is always with them...and easily accessible at any time.

  • Greater Return—On The Go VIP easily builds in to your existing marketing and loyalty programs. Plus, we offer solutions that let you easily grow your database for future marketing efforts.

Mobile Coupons Make Economic & Environmental Sense

In today’s economy, coupon use is surging as consumers look for ways to cut costs. Businesses must offer discounts to be competitive. But paper coupons have a low redemption rate – and they’re a wasteful use of natural resources.

Mobile coupons generate redemption rates as high as 30%. And are a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative.

How Our Mobile VIP/Loyalty Program Works

You create a special code or keyword that you place on all of your promotions, catalogs, menus, signs, fliers, billboards, etc.

Your customers then text this code/keyword to a predetermined number and receive coupons or information on special offers.

Communications Tool

The On The Go VIP Platform gives you the power to send messages to all types of large groups including clients, customers, members, tenants, students or employees.

89% of text messages - even promotional ones - are opened and read immediately upon receipt. That means you can reach more people by text message than via the Internet, e-mail or fax – and they can be reached almost instantly!

On The Go VIP mobile marketing solutions provides the small business owner the most affordable, most efficient way to reach consumers & promote your business.

Call 877-GoGoVIP (877-464-6847) or email us to start your service today!